Employment Over 50

Facing sudden unemployment is bad news for most people, but to find yourself on the job market when in your 50′s can be very worrying. Its natural think that you will have big trouble getting a career over 50 – however this train of thought is what can lead to problems finding employment.Try to look on the bright side and concentrate on what you can offer potential new employers. Don’t focus on the fact that you think you are too old to gain employment – this negativity will come through whenever you speak to people.One thing you are able to offer is experience – that one elusive thing that younger job hunters are desperate for! Make sure you advertise how experienced you are when putting your CV together. Do not put your age or date of birth on your CV – employers are not allowed to discriminate against age now, and its not mandatory to be on the CV so leave it out.Again – looking on the positive side when looking for employment over 50 – take this as a good opportunity to go for a career change. Make everyone you know aware of your situation – networking is just as important for older people looking for a job as it is for new college grads. Tell your family and friends that you’re interested in a career change, and see if they known anyone who is hiring in the field you want. Network with people in the industry you are interested in and review job openings on the job finder websites. Learn about the skills and other credentials that will be important in your new career that you wish to pursue.Another thing to consider is an employment over 50 makeover! After years on the same job, perhaps you’re no longer certain what is expected of today’s workers. Have your resume professionally updated to reflect current language as well as to make sure that no information is included to suggest your age.Consider working for yourself. There are many opportunities out there now that can be utilised for self employment. Working as an Internet marketer is a great way to earn money when looking at employment over 50.The great benefit of Internet marketing is how it fits in withe the lifestyle that you wish to follow. If you want to take advantage of your sudden freedom due to unemployment and do some traveling – internet marketing gives your the freedom to do just this. If you have a laptop – you can even work while you are traveling as you can access the internet now from virtually anywhere.Training is also important, so if you are looking to work from home using internet marketing as your business, ensure you get your self the right training up front.